This post isn’t about beauty, being a mom, or anything that you might be expecting. Read on anyways.

Today I came into a contact with an angel.

Some of you know about my dog, Tank, who has been dealing with ‘hot spots’ for a few weeks that were not getting better. You may also know that don’t have any money to spend on vet bills for my sweet dog, so I was doing my absolute best to treat him at home.

In the past few days, Tank’s condition had worsened. His infection was growing, and he began to refuse food and water, became lethargic, and just generally wasn’t acting like the dog that I took in 9 months ago.

As a last resort before having to get rid of my loving dog, I contacted the Sadie Dog Fund. Pam is an ANGEL. She contacted a vet for me (because currently my phone is shut off), and arranged for him to be lovingly cared for at NAMC. I am happy to report that after receiving medication, having his wounds carefully cleaned, and a laser treatment to relieve inflammation, Tank was a tail-waggin’ fool, for the first tie in over a week. He also ate DOG FOOD that they sent home with us I’m so relieved!

If you can, please donate to the Sadie Dog Fund, either to say thanks for helping me and my Tank, or to help the next dog that will need it.Every single dollar helps! Let’s help keep dogs alive and in their homes where they belong