I haven’t worn ‘real’ lipstick in a long time.  Like…since my 7 year old was born!  I have lipstick, I just hate the way that it looks on my lips. The color is always uneven and you can see the dry or cracked spots so easily.  I just stick to tinted glosses, and call it good.

BUT–yesterday one of my wonderful friends dropped off some Loreal lipstick for me to try.  Same thing happened as always: the color was absolutely beautiful, but looked funny and uneven on my lips. So I set out to find a remedy. I figured, surely, there was someone who had had this problem before!

I found the wonderful world of lip scrubs 😀  My only problem now was waiting for payday so that I could try out a few brands.  So until then, I tracked down a wonderful DIY lip scrub recipe, and headed right down to my kitchen to make it. I already have everything, and I’m sure you probably do, too!

You only need sugar, honey, olive oil, and optional vaseline and food dye 😀 (NOTE: My vaseline looked weird and chunky, so I used some aquaphor instead. Same idea, in my opinion)

Here is the link to the recipe that I found. It’s super simple to make!


My 7 and 3 year olds helped me make this…as you can see, they decided that we needed LOTS of color! ( I don’t suggest 4 drops of food dye…makes things VERY vibrant!)


“Naked” lips after scrubbing 😀

I used the scrub on my lips, and while they’re not perfect yet, they feel so much smoother. I WILL say that you should probably like the taste of honey, because it’s pretty tough to not get any into your mouth.  I had lunch, then reapplied the lipstick to see if there was any change…

Photo on 9-7-14 at 6.29 PM #3

I think that the lipstick looks so much more even now! Like I said, my lips aren’t perfectly smooth, but there’s a HUGE difference in the way that they look and feel!

I give this DIY scrub 9/10 points.  My only complaint was the fact that it tasted so incredibly sweet. I’m not a huge fan of sugary treats, so I made absolutely sure to rinse it of well.

Go ahead, give it a try, and leave me a comment to let me know what YOU think!