Recently, someone asked me about what type of backgrounds would work best for her blog. She had a nice photo, which tiled throughout the page.  While I loved the photo, the edges of the photos were incredibly distracting, and broke up the flow of the page.

If you look at professional websites, you’ll often find a nice subtle pattern fills the background. The nice thing about this is, it enhances the content of the page without distracting the reader from your actual content. (That IS what you want, right?)

If you’re looking for a pattern to use, you’re in luck. I made three last night. They’re not amazing, but I made them myself. Now I’m giving them to you! Feel free to grab these if you like them. If you don’t, I encourage you to keep following my blog. I’ll be creating and sharing much more!

circle patterntrianglesquarepatternpaperpattern

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