Today just wasn’t my day. Nothing incredibly terrible happened..I even made time to do my hair and makeup and felt extra pretty this morning. I had a nice interaction with a classmate on the way from the parking garage to our respective classrooms, and had a stress-free ‘work day’ in class. But I felt off. I went home for lunch, and the dog had gotten into two different trash cans…I guess he’s feeling much better than he was a week ago. I was so frustrated I took the rest of the day off. I’ve been watching ‘girl meets world’.  I’d forgotten how many life lessons kids’ shows try to teach. Honestly? I feel better about life, even if I didn’t accomplish a thing today.  So if you ever watched ‘Boy meets world’ as a kid, and are having a bad day, I suggest this. It’s not the most well-written show, and leaves me confused about the characters’ interactions at times, but it sure gave me warm fuzzies!