Rachelle here! I have a confession to make: I have cellulite. A lot more than I would like to have.I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way, and I know that as I age, it’s only getting worse. So… I’ve been looking for something that actually works to combat it.  As luck would have it, I was recently allowed to try TWO different ‘cellulite creams’ for FREE!  Luck would also have it that they both showed up on my doorstep today, so I decided to do an experiment: My left side: Formula A. My right side: Formula B. thighs, arms, abdomen, and the booty. I’ll take before pics, but I won’t show them to you….yet.

I’m not telling you which brands I’m using, but before using them, here are my first impressions:

Formula A–
Comes in a very pretty, easy-squeeze bottle (think sunscreen). Smells incredibly strong, but nice. Kind of fruity and minty at the same time…I can’t see what’s inside the bottle, so I’ll let you know how the actual product looks and feels later.

Formula B–
Comes in a nice jar (think your average ‘face cream’). Smells less strong, but smells medicated. I think I’ve mentioned that smells are VERY important to me, so we’ll see how this goes. The product looks…weird. Less like cream, more lotion-y, jiggles like jell-o. Weird.

I can’t wait to try both of these products and get back to you next wednesday!

Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently