Today I was approached by the woman who runs the Sadie Dog Fund (See my previous posts about the pooch smooch challenge and my dog, Tank).  Pam wants me to design posters for an upcoming event where they’ll be having a pooch smooch challenge! Yay!  I have to admit, it was very exciting to get a phone cal from her, and have to dig out my ‘design notebook’ so that I could take notes about the new project while on the phone! I felt..Real. Professional. I’m not getting paid for this gig…Instead I am happy to donate my time, energy, and expertise to a wonderful cause!  In case you don’t know about the Sadie Dog fund, is the place to go to learn more or to donate! I can’t wait to get started on my newest design project! I LOVE applying my design skills to real-world applications, instead of just made-up assignments for my instructors!

Make sure to follow me on my design journey, i’ll be posting my progress and asking for critique, so If you know a bit about design, I NEED YOU!

As always, stay beautiful & think divergently!