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I was going to wait until I reached 100 followers before I did a give away….but I’m impatient. And 70 is way closer to 100 than 30 was…so I’m doing my give away NOW!

What do you have the chance to win? I’m in love with E.L.F cosmetics, and I’m in love with Disney. So it’s been so awesome that they’ve teamed up to make some AWESOME makeup products. I first came across them last year at Walgreens when they had their Disney Villains makeups. And while villains are fun and awesome (who doesn’t at least root for the bad guy a little), everyone always wants to be a PRINCESS. So I’ve decided to give away for Disney’s Snow White’s Fairest of Them All Eye collection….AND….Ariel’s Under The Sea Eyes.


Aren’t they PRETTY?!

With the Fairest of Them All Collection you get an eye shadow pallet, applicator, and a lengthening…

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