My girls were so excited to get their Bzzkit from Bzzagent! We got free samples of the newest Littlest Pet Shop playsets for free to try…the best part was that only I knew what was in the box before they opened it.

Want to watch them unbox it? Watch it on Vimeo!

our LPS buzzbox

They were incredibly excited to play with it all immediately. Luckily, our bzzkit came with a LPS DVD for my daughters to watch while I set to putting it all together, because…holy assembly batman…after nearly an hour I finally had it all figured out, and they were ready to play.

Kayleigh playing with LPS playset

They had learned the names of all of their new friends from the show, and they played so nicely with one another, because there was so much to do! I’ve been having a ton of fun listening to them ‘play’ the different characters and give them personalities of their own.

Kianna with LPS playset

I’ve made them a deal: If they do a good job taking care of their new LPS playsets, I’ll use the coupons that came with our bzzkit to buy them MORE LPS playsets! If not, we’ll give it to someone who will take care of nice toys like this. I have a feeling they’ll be taking very good care of their new playsets. My favorite part? No batteries to replace! I LOVE toys that aren’t noisy on their own :D.

my girls playing together