Okay beauties and divergent thinkers:

I am creating a fictional towing company for a design project.

I’m thinking this is a unique towing company that not only tows your car, but brings a rental car for you to drive as well.

Question 1: What shall we call this towing company?

EZ-Tow sounds too ‘every other towing company’ to me.

Tow-N-Go sounds too generic, as well. It could even be something simple like “Tom’s Towing”

Please come up with a few ideas for me…NOTHING is too silly or lame!

Question 2: What would a good tagline for a company like this be?

Here’s what I have so far:

*We Come To You*

*Date Night: Saved*

*Cars Always Break*

*Vacation: Saved*

So that’s what I need, some company names, and taglines! I’ll be back with another brainstorming exercise later! I look forward to reading all of your comments: