My pledge you you is that every Friday, I’ll come to you with one of my favorite things…not stuff I have to review…but stuff that I want to tell you about!

Today’s Friday Favorite: Dole Smoothie Shakers

dole shakers and bottled waterThese are yummy!! I grabbed a couple the other day in the frozen juice section at the grocery store…and I’ve been back once every couple of days since to get more! They’re super easy, and kind of fun. I just pull the ‘bottle’ out of the freezer, let it sit for a few minutes (the container says 5…I am NOT patient!), then break up whatever’s still in a chunk with a butter knife (again, instructions say to use a spoon, but I’m a rebel, and the knife is longer). Then i pour in juice of my choice, shake it up for as long as I want to, and I’ve got a smoothie – without having to wash the blender! 😀  Today I tried adding in sprite with my orange juice…and it tasted AMAZING.

There are a few different flavors, mixed berry, strawberry, strawberry banana, and my favorite, Mango!!! 😀 This is my new favorite lunch…I stop by the house to let the dog out to go potty, and have just a few minutes to whip something up to get me through my day. Ta-Da!