Ok y’all…this week I’m going to be talking about some uncomfortable stuff…the STENCH that comes outta our butts! Forgive me for talking about stinky stuff like one of the guys..I can’t help it! Stay with me..I have a feeling you’ll find at least one great product for you..with the ULTIMATE STINK KILLER coming later this week!

So…I’m a college student. I have really…really bad eating habits. I eat healthy meals for dinner with my daughters, but as for the rest of the day, either I don’t eat, or I tend to eat junk. The problem with this is that by the end of the day I feel really bloated and gassy. Sometimes it’s even hard to sleep. Also—I have a new boyfriend, and while I’m not afraid to fart around him, I certainly don’t want to be farting in my sleep…So when I was given the opportunity to try D-Gas, I absolutely jumped at it! I was skeptical, because so far I haven’t really found anything that makes that bloated, gassy feeling go away. ESPECIALLY something without a bunch of unpronounceable, weird chemicals in it.

D-Gas really de-gassed me! I made chili without thinking about it, added a bunch of beans, and had an awesome dinner with the kids. Then the boyfriend called and asked if he could come over. I was already farting, so I reached for my bottle of d-gas and gave it the ultimate test. Yes, I still farted. I think it’s inevitable, especially with chili! NO- my farts weren’t those weird, cheek-spreading farts that can be heard from the next room, NOR were they horribly stinky! Yay! Mission accomplished! My farts didn’t smell like roses or anything, but I felt better about myself….and my tummy didn’t hurt. Yay!

If you want to control gas, bloating, and farts in general, buy D-GAS HERE on Amazon for only &16.99 for 60 pills. Or..you could subscribe and save for $16.14.    🙂

Later this week I’ll give you a peek at something that makes your ‘bathroom habits’ smell…well, not exactly like roses, but trust me, you’ll be happy to walk into the bathroom, after ANYONE in your house ‘goes’!

As always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently

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