I have bad teeth…really bad teeth. They’re sensitive, cracked, and thanks to genetics, the enamel on my teeth has been worn down, too. I ordered this in the hopes that I could whiten the teeth that I do have, to improve the appearance of my smile, which I’m a bit ashamed to show off.

teethwhitening1Unfortunately, AFTER I ordered this product, I received an email with detailed instructions for use of the kit, which included a warning about using this on damaged or broken teeth. I was sad…but I knew that my momma would absolutely love to try something like this, so I passed it on to her, let her use it for a few weeks, then grilled her about it!

First, you should know my mom is legally blind. She can see, but not well at all. I printed the instructions for her in large type, and let her go to town!

Here are the questions I asked her, and her answers:
Was it difficult to ‘mold’ the plastic to your teeth?
        No! It was really easy, just boiled water, dropped it in, and then molded it to my teeth…just like the directions said.
    Did the process make your teeth more sensitive?
        Not that I noticed at all. I used the remineralization gel I was given, and it seemed to help reduce any sensitivity the tooth-whitening gel may have created.
    Was this hard to use?
        No, the first time I used it I had a bit too much gel, and it seeped out, but i caught it with a q-tip, and it didn’t cause me any discomfort or funny taste in my mouth.
    That brings me to my next question: Was there any ‘seepage’, where the gel leaked from the plastic mouthpiece?
        Only that first time, but after that I used just a bit less gel, and haven’t had any issues since.
    Have you noticed a real difference in the whiteness of your teeth?
        Yes! I went to see my sister, and she noticed right away. She also said that they were white, but not ‘too’ white, like someone else that she knows, who goes to get her teeth professionally whitened. That made me feel really good about it!
    So..all in all, would you recommend this?
        Yes. It was really easy for me to use, and honestly seems like it’s working!

So..there you have it! I really think my momma’s teeth look even nicer and whiter than they did before, so I would agree that this really did work on her teeth!

You can buy the tooth whitening gel on amazon here, and if you have sensitive teeth, you should absolutely get the remineralization gel here, too!remineralization1

I received this product for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.

As always, stay beautiful & think divergently!