I hate to admit that I have pretty yucky teeth..but it’s pretty easy to notice, unfortunately. Even when I manage to get to the dentist for regular cleanings, I’m always told that I have an unusual amount of calcium built up on my teeth. Doesn’t matter how much I brush, floss, use mouthwash…I just have a genetic trait that causes me to have more calcium than most people building up on my teeth on a daily basis. Luckily..I was given the opportunity to try this Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Set by Majestic Bombay!

First, I should tell you that I love Majestic Bombay’s products. I have tried a few of their products, and they are all VERY well-made!

toothscraper-etcAccording to their Amazon listing:
3 pieces dental hygiene kit
Premium Grade Stainless Steel, polished to High Standard
Fully guaranteed against defect in material and workmanship
This set includes: 1 Dental Pick, 1 Scaling instrument, 1 Dental Mouth Mirror
These Stainless Steel Handle dental tools helps remove tartar and plaque from teeth. Knurled handles provides excellent hand control

These REALLY are nice…they look, to me, exactly like what a dentist would use…so if you have a dental assistant or dentist in your life…this might be a useful gift! 😀

I, on the other hand, am keeping these for myself, to help me to keep my teeth clear of extreme calcium buildups, as well as tartar and plaque! 😀 I honestly can’t wait for my next trip to the dentist, now…I’m hoping that she’ll tell me my teeth look better than usual..they sure FEEL better!

Get yours on Amazon HERE, for only $9.99. That seems like a VERY small price to pay for increased dental health! ❤

As always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!
~Rachelle Friesen