Merry Christmas Eve!
nasopure1I was excited to try this kit! My kids…weren’t as excited as I was…until after we were done and they could actually breathe through their noses! We are dealing with a bit of a nasty cold going through everyone in our house..just in time for the holidays… so I have gotten to use this on everyone but the 2-year old and the baby!

I know that the Nasopure Little Squirt system is made for kids as young as two, but we are sticking to the nose sucker for now, because she is completely unwilling to undergo such treatment. We can’t even wipe off her nose without two of us holding her down to avoid getting kicked in the face. I don’t dare ask her to hold her head still, hold her breath, then breathe out her nose while I clean it out. Uh Uh. NOT happening here.

My 3 year old and 7 year old were super skeptical, but thought that it was pretty fun when the water started coming out the other side of their nose. careful they don’t inhale…it’s not the most comfortable feeling—AT ALL!
I would recommend this to any mom or childcare provider that wants to try an alternative treatment before pumping countless medications into their kids’ system! It cleans pollen, bacteria, and dust from your little one’s nasal system before it gets past the nose!

You can buy you own on Amazon here, for only $17.27, which contains the nasopure bottles, and 20 saline packets!

I suggest visiting their website, too!

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently