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January 2015

Kyoku for Men – Wind – body scrub – Product Review

Today, I have a review for the gentlemen! Actually, I’m honestly not sure whether this is more for the ladies, or the gentlemen…but I’m sure everyone can appreciate and enjoy this body scrub!

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SalsaCrazy learn to merengue dance DVD – Product Review

I am not the greatest dancer, but I still think dancing is fun. I love watching shows like DWTS to see people learning to do amazing dances, but I always feel a little bit jealous, wishing that It was me learning to dance so beautifully! Luckily, I tried the Merengue dance system from SalsaCrazy!

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Hango Lunch Bags – Set of Two – Product Review!

If you know me well at all, you know that i LOVE anything that saves me money! I think that all of us have spent money for days or weeks at a time, if not longer, buying fast food during our breaks from work or school. If you have ever done the math on this, you’ll realize that you spend a riduculous amount of money on food that’s prepared by other people. The worst part about this is that, unfortunately, you don’t even know if the people that made your food washed their hands. Yuck! Luckily, taking your lunch or dinner from home is the perfect solution!

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They really suck. Especially when you literally don’t know anyone, feel uncomfortable as hell, and keep getting left alone.. .

Magnetic Screen Door—Product Review

I live in a really, really old house, but I rent it, and don’t own it, so making big home improvements, like adding screen doors, really doesn’t make much sense. Luckily, I found this magnetic screen door, like I’ve seen on TV forever! I finally broke down and decided to try this, and was not disappointed at all!

The only real drawback to having a magnetic door instead of a regular door is the fact that it doesn’t latch. It lets in an amazing breeze, but it also lets the cat and puppy out, so I have to keep an eye on things whenever I decide to use it to let some fresh air in the house! These old houses are really designed to allow air to flow throughout the house well, but it doesn’t work when I have to keep the doors closed, so this has been a huge help in keeping my house at a proper temperature. It’s been so nice lately I’ve actually gotten to use it, even though it’s technically winter! I LOVE fresh air, and the way my house smells and feels with the windows and door open!

This was really easy to install—way easier than I expected it to be, and fit my standard-sized doorframe perfectly! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a screen door, but for any reason, cannot install a hard, latching door. You can buy yours on Amazon here for only $35: Magnetic Screen Door FITS FULL 36″ DOORS, 39′ X 83″, Velcro Sewn in Around ENTIRE Frame, No Gaps, Superior to Magic Mesh Screen Doors As Seen On TV, Bug Off Magna, Mosquito Fly Curtain Closures, Let Fresh Air in and Keep Bugs Out, DIY Install, RV, Outdoors, New Year Breeze
Don’t miss out!magneticdoor1

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently


I received this magnetic screen door for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.

PEVA Shower curtain liner from Smarty Pants—Product Review!

I really like pretty shower curtains..though I don’t normally get too excited about the plastic liners…until now! First, let me tell you what makes me so darn frustrated by every other liner i’ve tried:

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Salicylic Acid Gel Peel from Dr Song Medical – Product Review!

Anything with the word ‘acid’ in the name makes me a bit nervous, to be perfectly honest with you…especially if I’m supposed to put it on my face! But…people pay a lot of money at the dermatologist for spa for chemical peels…so a do-it-at home option sounded like a great Idea! Keep reading to see if it’s worth it, or if I’m staying home all day tomorrow to avoid scaring small children…

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Baby Wrap—Product Review

If you ever hold a baby for a long period of time, you quickly understand why baby wraps and carriers were invented!

Babies really love to be held, comforted, and kept close, but it’s a bit tough to accomplish even small tasks around the house while carrying around a baby! I love ergonomic baby wraps, because they help keep your child comfortable, while keeping you hands-free!

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Baby Bath Toy Scoop Rinse and Drain Organizer—Product Review – And Discount Code! :D

There is a little girl in my home that absolutely hates baths. The water alone sends her into a complete frenzy, and at first it seemed as though no bath toy would help save our sanity. I’m not a huge fan of a jillion bath toys lying in the tub, waiting for me to step on them in the morning while I’m half-awake, needing a refreshing shower…so I stuck to larger bath toys, like dolls and squirters, but she really wasn’t having any of it. Then—I saw this awesome toy organizer! Even better, I’ve been provided with a 50% discount code to share with you! Keep reading to get it! 😀

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