First-off, I LOVE the microfiber towel that this leather cleaner comes with. It’s the absolutely perfect thing to work the cleaner into the pores of the leather, so that it can soak in, then scrub it out, leaving the leather ready for conditioner. I don’t recommend using this cleaner without a conditioner, as it’s really a crucial step in the process. This cleaner was the perfect solution for my leather car seats. I feel like I was able to get years’ worth of gunk, grime, butt fuzz, and who knows what else out of my leather with this. I tried a 2-in-1 product in the past on them, and it just wasn’t quite able to get it as clean as I wanted to..but I’m convince that the combination of the microfiber towel and the amazing natural cleaning formula was what took my car’s seats to the next level. Even my kids had to comment that our seats seemed so much cleaner than before!
I bet you have more leather in your house than you think…I honestly think that most households will find this incredibly useful and versatile! I even made sure to get some for my Harley-riding parents 😉
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