Oh, how I LOVE to update my kitchen! Lately, Francois et Mimi has been helping me make my home beautiful. Today I want  to tell you all about their beautiful bread boxes. They have quite a few models, but I got the fancy black and silver one. It’s so pretty!
It’s also really, really large! It doesn’t take up any more space than my old one, but it holds a lot more! I’m so thrilled with this addition to my kitchen! It’s really fancy and modern-looking, and fits in perfectly with my decor! I also love the way the the top rolls back so smoothly. The kids actually close it, because they think it’s ‘fun’! You can buy yours on Amazon for only $19.95, which I think is an amazing price. Here’s a link:Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Black Roll-top Bread Box

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!