I’m a bit of a high-strung person. I realize this, and am willing to admit it, which is probably the first step in learning to calm the heck down. 😀 I’ve tried a lot of different things, but then Wojo came into my life. At first, I was skeptical, but then I got it. The package is really, really well-design and well-made. I knew immediately that Wojo cares about their products, because they put so much into the packaging alone. wojo_calm_back2

WojoCalm is a supplement designed to do just that, to calm you. It’s a blend of vitamins, and has a bit of a taste to it, but it’s really a liquidy-vitamin taste. It’s meant to be mixed in with your favorite drink! I’ve mixed it with my morning monster (which seems counter-intuitive, but the caffeine keeps me alert while the Wojo keeps my nerves and anxiety in check. I’ve tried it in juice, and even in my protein shake!

I want to explain that this isn’t an instant fix for an anxiety attack or something, but it definitely helps a lot to keep me in a more even mood. wojoENERGY and wojoCALM are now available for purchase at http://www.wojonutrition.com/products/ and
wojoFOCUS, wojoSUN, wojoWELL and wojoMOOD will be coming soon. I can’t wait to try them all!

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wojo_energy_front wojo_focus_front wojo_sun_front wojo_well_front wojo_mood_frontAs Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!

I received WojoCalm for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use…and I LOVE IT! I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.