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Getting addicted to coffee young is a hindrance. It sets the tone for a life of groggy mornings and raging afternoon headaches. That doesn’t discourage too many of us enthusiasts, though; so when it came time for college, my whole coffee set up came with me. Granted, I was used to working in a shop with thousand dollar burr grinders and a state-of-the-art espresso machine, so the transition from luxury to sub-par was discouraging. But I coped. It is possible to brew a great cup of coffee in a dorm room. The essentials are standard: good water, good beans, and a good set up.

I found the water to be the most difficult variable to deal with. The first time I brewed with unfiltered water, the smell alone was a good enough indicator that it was going to be terrible. I soon learned that not only must the water be purified…

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