I have the sweetest dog in the world, but she is incredibly excitable, and a bit too friendly! She has a bad habit of running up to people when we’re playing in the front yard, or running into the neighbor’s house whenever she notices the door open! It’s really frustrating, and yelling at her to “come” has absolutely no effect once she sets her mind on something! Luckily, Cujo Control has this amazing dog training collar!
collar2This is NOT just a shock collar. I mean, it has that function, but I honestly have never had to use it. My dog isn’t quite that stubborn, thank goodness! The two functions I use are the ‘beep’ function, which emits a high tone at the press of a button, and the vibrate function, which makes the collar vibrate much, like your phone. Both of these functions work amazingly! I use the beep function for reminding her that she’s out of bounds and needs to stay in our yard, and the vibrate function helps snap her out of her insane quest to be petted, and keeps her from jumping up onto friends and family, too! I absolutely love this! The remote and collar are both rechargeable by usb, so you never have to worry about replacing expensive batteries, but beware: the remote doesn’t seem to hold a charge for more than a day or two, so it’s wise to charge it overnight if you use it regularly like we do! You can buy yours here: Dog Training Collar With Remote – 8 Levels of Shock and Vibration Correction Plus Sound Mode – Fully Adjustable Electric E Collar With Remote for Large, Medium, and Small Dogs – Best Puppy Training and Dog Obedience Training – Wireless Rechargeable and Water-Resistant Anti Bark Collar with Range up to 800M Lets You Train 2 Dogs – 100% Satisfaction Best Lifetime Guarantee!

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I received this dog training collar for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.