The Beauty Deputy

Yes, I am a nurse, but I am not “just a nurse.” Nursing is one of the largest occupations out there. I went into nursing right away out of high school. I actually took my CNA course while in high school (Certified Nursing Assistant). First I was a nurses aide, then I became a LPN, and now I am an RN. I have worked at 2 nursing homes, a hospital, a homecare and hospice agency, and now a clinic. I have worked rotating shifts, holidays, days, nights, evenings, 8 hours shifts, 12 hour shifts, and I have worked for 16 hours too when pulling a double. I’ve been on call all hours of the night.

The topic of nursing is something I have never really talked about much on my blog before, but I feel like I need to stand up for this amazing occupation after the Miss America pageant.

What am I talking…

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