I chose to surprise my boyfriend with these socks in Nug Red. Turns out he was starting to run low on socks, so I got them at just the right time! He really tested them the first day he wore them. Long story short, we moved a vending machine company’s supplies, machines, and everything else from one building to a new one. It was a 16-hour day of non-stop moving around, which was a very daring time to try out a brand-new pair of socks. He said that he’s not used to socks that come up so high anymore, but that they were extremely comfortable, and not too tight on his calves at all, but they still stayed up all day long without him having to pull at them or adjust them at all. I will admit that it took us a second to realize that there is a ‘left’ and a ‘right’ socks…the Switch decal goes on the outside of your leg! 🙂