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November 2015

Breaking Up Because I’m Happy

Yes, Yes, Yes! A must-read for heartbreakers or broken hearts ❤

Rosie Culture

Confused? I think a lot of people in our generation are.  I’m not going to start talking about how I’m 100% clear on what relationships should be like and how we should live our lives.  For the most part, I have no idea.  I can only dictate how I’m feeling and go off of that.

A lot of relationships end because one person is unhappy.  They’ve gotten bored, you make them angry, neither of you puts in as much effort anymore, etc. etc.

Realistically, though, most relationships end because one person is happier.  They just know that they’re happier alone.

You’ve been fighting a lot, spending too much time together, growing apart, and all of the other million reasons people our age break up.  When those stages of break up are occurring, it’s really not that your boyfriend or girlfriend is unhappy with you – they’re just happier alone.


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I Deleted My Online Dating Apps

hookupcultures hits the nail on the head concerning online dating!

Rosie Culture

Online dating is a tricky thing. People use it because they’re bored, because they’re too busy to meet someone in person, because they’ve run out of options, and etc. etc. I chose to download multiple online dating apps. I’m not always on my computer, but I am always on my phone. I downloaded them because I was bored, but also because now that I’ve moved home with my parents I don’t go out a lot in my area because my friends aren’t here. So I figured this would be an easier way to meet people. Why not, right?

Because, it sucks really. I would log into these apps and get messages from people who lived across the country, some from men that were 20 years older than me, and some that were clearly just not right for me. I received inappropriate and pushy messages. I was even sent voice…

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Lorenzo E. Gabutina: The Late Blooming Filipino Visual Artist

Ready to get cuffed? ;)

cuffs2Honestly, every couple needs a set of good handcuffs for the bedroom! Sure, those novelty cuffs are cute, but they really don’t do the job…not like these do! If you want to practice trusting your partner, or vice versa, these really are the way to go. I like that they came with a carrying pouch that can go on a belt loop…this allows me to store them without it being obvious as to what they are.

They’re fairly simple to use, with the ability to lock them, or even to double-lock them, so that they can’t open OR get tighter on the wrists, which is very important if someone is going to actually be wearing them for any length of time. These cuffs are really heavy-duty, with nice hinges instead of a ring to hold the cuffs together, and the keys are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I do suggest that whoever is going to be doing the ‘cuffing’ practice first, to make sure that they know exactly how to work the cuffs properly to prevent injuries.

The instructions were fairly easy to follow, though it took me awhile to realize that the little piece on the key that you push ‘in’ on while using was on the very back tip of the key. User error on my part, and i figured it out pretty quickly. These cuffs would make the perfect addition to any halloween costume that needs them as well! You can buy yours here: Handcuffs Police Style Triple Hinged (Silver) Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Double Locking with Carrying Case

I received these handcuffs for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.

Worst Trends of Fall 2015

I worked on the set of a music video!

Heyyyyy! I’m thrilled to present “I FEEL Good” from Cashialini! This is a good friend of mine. I ‘directed’ the video…which really just means that I ran the camera and put in my 2-cents occasionally. I hope you enjoy it, and in the spirit of supporting local artists, please share the video! 😀
As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!


How to keep your coffee fresh – in ONE simple step!

I’ll never forget the first time my dad let me smell a can of coffee when he opened it for the first time. I wasn’t a coffee drinker yet, and wouldn’t be for years, but I immediately realized that there was something special in that can. coffeecanister2
Since I started to drink coffee myself, and brew it at home, I’ve learned that I’m picky about my coffee. I always buy whole beans so that I can grind them just before I brew them. Unfortunately, storing the beans in the bag that I buy them in means that I don’t get to experience that ‘fresh coffee’ smell more than once per bag.
This coffee canister makes sure that my coffee beans stay really fresh for as long as I need it to. I really like that I can open and recluse the canister with one hand, so that if my other hand’s busy with my grinder, I can still get it closed right away to seal in the coffee freshness. The date-dial on the top of the can helps me to remember how old the coffee is, which will be helpful when the next one shows up! I have to have at least two – I like to switch up my coffee a lot, and now coffeecanister3that I have a great way to keep it fresh, I get to buy more than one type at a time!

You can buy yours here: BEST Coffee Canister by Coffee Gator – Premium Quality Stainless Steel Bean Container For Better Tasting Coffee – Keeps Flavor Locked – Vacuum Seal Vents Away CO2 Gas – Treat Your Beans Today

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!

I received this coffee canister for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.

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