hookupcultures hits the nail on the head concerning online dating!

Rosie Culture

Online dating is a tricky thing. People use it because they’re bored, because they’re too busy to meet someone in person, because they’ve run out of options, and etc. etc. I chose to download multiple online dating apps. I’m not always on my computer, but I am always on my phone. I downloaded them because I was bored, but also because now that I’ve moved home with my parents I don’t go out a lot in my area because my friends aren’t here. So I figured this would be an easier way to meet people. Why not, right?

Because, it sucks really. I would log into these apps and get messages from people who lived across the country, some from men that were 20 years older than me, and some that were clearly just not right for me. I received inappropriate and pushy messages. I was even sent voice…

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