Okay friends, it’s time to start showing off some of the awesome gifts that my family and I received for christmas. They’re simply too good to keep to myself – especially this adorable umbrella that I gave my daughter that opens AND closes at the touch of a button!

IMG_5051At just under 11 inches when folded, this umbrella is ultra-portable, and so easy to use that I don’t have to worry about my daughter having trouble getting it open and closed on her own, even when she’s at school without me to help her. A bit of a safety lesson had to come first, along with some practice, but soon my 8-year old was ready to go!

So far, we’ve only gotten to use this umbrella in the snow, but now we have a reason to look forward to the next strange winter snowstorm that we get! With a 39-inch canopy that’s windproof and guaranteed to spring back even if it does flip inside-out in a storm, we’re ready for anything! šŸ˜€

Crown Coast is having a pretty sweet sale on Amazon right now, you can get this umbrella for only $18.95, which is 58% off of the regular price of the umbrella. We got the pink one, but you have to check out the ‘sky blue’ option. It’s absolutely beautiful! Find them here: Crown Coast Umbrellas – Compact Blue Travel Umbrella | Windproof 60+MPH – Frame Won’t Break If Flipped Inside Out – Auto Open/Close Full Size Canopy – 6000 Opens Durable – Lifetime GuaranteeIMG_5052

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!


I purchasedĀ this umbrella at a discountĀ for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product.