I admit it – I’m a pretty big Breaking Bad fan! I’m the type of person that never seems to watch a TV show when it’s popular and everyone else is watching it…I usually end up waiting until a show is at least a few seasons into production, then binge-watch it while I blog, fold laundry, and do design work. Breaking Bad was no exception – I waited until production ended, then watched the whole darn show over a period of a couple weeks.

What a fun show! While I may have tried a few drugs in the past, it’s definitely not something that I’m into now at all. It’s still really fun to watch a show like this. I like being able to see how screwed up my life could have been had I chosen a completely different path. The show has something for everyone, with enough action to keep even my boyfriend interested…and he falls asleep during just about everything that we watch!

I got the most adorable earrings to show my love for the show. They’re based on elements of the periodic table, BR and BA….which just so happen to start BReaking BAd. 🙂 They’re cute, and a little silly, which is absolutely perfect for my style! I like that they’re just studs, because with small kids in the house, you never know when dangly earrings will get pulled on!

You can get a pair of your own here: TV Show Inspired Br Ba Periodic Table Symbols 8mm Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!


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