Happy New Year!

I hope each and every one of you are looking forward to 2016 optimistically! I’ve only set two New Year’s Resolutions: to yell less, and to blog more! I have so much to tell you about this year. It’s going to be a great one! What’s your resolution for 2016?

Something else that I strive for every day is to look nice. Yes, I realize that it takes effort, and some days, I honestly just can’t be bothered to do my hair or my makeup. That’s when dry shampoo, a ponytail, and headband become my best friends. But here’s what I’ve learned: Even on the laziest of days, a few great accessories can do wonders for my look!

sunglasses-1Throwing on a pair of cute dangly earrings and a pair of fun, oversized sunglasses when I go out can take my look from “ugh!” to “ooh!”. To be honest, before I was given the opportunity to try these sunglasses, they would have been one of the many pair at the store that I passed up because the weren’t ‘for me’. I can’t believe I deprived myself of funky, oversized sunglasses for so long! They’re so much fun, and they help to add a lot of personality to my look!

sunglasses-2These sunglasses have survived my purse longer than I could have ever dreamed. They’re really well-made, and the gold detailing on the sides of the lenses hasn’t shown a single sign of pulling up or coming off. I do wish the lenses were a bit more scratch-resistant, as I’m really hard on them, and one day they blew off my face (of course, at the same time my car door blew into the parking meter pole and I dropped half my stuff – it was a really really windy day), so they could fit a little tighter, but I have found that I have a bit of a smallish head, and they fit my boyfriend’s head really well – he’s just not into girly sunglasses (thank goodness!)

Overall, these were a GREAT buy. They come in black OR white. I chose the white, because I really wanted to try something different than the sunglasses that I normally wear, and I wasn’t disappointed at all! The white is the perfect choice for brightening up my face, and goes really well with my zebra-print scarf, too! I really am in love with these sunglasses, even after I’ve scratched them up a bit they’re my go-to for dressing up!

You can get your own on Amazon for only $14.95. Perfect price for an amazing pair of sunglasses! Check them out here: Catania Occhiali Sunglasses – New Season Collection – Womens Sunglasses / Ladies Sunglasses – Oversize Fashion Modelsunglasses-3

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!


I received these sunglasses at a discount for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own, and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my own experience with the product. My blog posts may contain affiliate links to products I trust and recommend. I’ll never direct you towards a product that I don’t actually like, I promise!