They’re clothespins! Clothespins have a number of different uses, from actually hanging clothes on the line as intended, to making blanket forts, to crafts, to bedroom fun! With 200 in a pack, you’ll be guaranteed to not run out of clothespins anytime soon! I almost don’t know what to do with so many clothespins. Luckily, I have a bag just for clothespins that hangs in the laundry room, ready to go when it’s time to hang out some clothes to dry. My absolute favorite thing to hang dry is our sheets. There’s something about the fresh air that makes them smell awesome!
These clothespins aren’t the strongest or most well-made…I’ve already had a few casualties, but in a pack of 200, I guess there are bound to be a few duds. The springs just aren’t very strong, and allow the wooden part to slip off. (This is a huge problem if you’re using them in the bedroom. Seriously.)
I liked these clothespins, but will probably be purchasing plastic ones in the future. These are just too enticing for the dog, and they leave splinters absolutely everywhere when she manages to get ahold of one, which is really frustrating. If you’re into wooden clothespins, and looking for a great deal, check these out on amazon: Greenco Laundry Clips – Wooden Clip – Wood Clothespins with Spring – 200 Pack

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