My daughters love fruit. They absolutely LOVE it! When I pulled our new ice pop makers out of the box, the girls were instantly excited to make their own popsicles with anything that they wanted. They insisted that we go to the store to get ingredients, and we rushed off, without a recipe in mind at all.

We wandered around the store, choosing different fruits and juices, along with ingredients for that night’s dinner, and whatever else we saw on sale that we couldn’t resist buying. By the time we made it home, it was time to make dinner, so a cut up a bunch of the fruit into tiny bite-sized pieces while I cooked.

When it was finally time to make our ice-pops, I put out the bowls of fruit and let the girls stuff fruit into them to their little hearts’ content, encouraging them to pack as much fruit as possible into the molds, because I had a feeling that they would both enjoy removing the chunks of fruit from the popsicle with their teeth (I was VERY right). Then I filled the molds up with cranberry-grape juice, which was their choice, and perfect, because it still had a very tart taste to it, even after being frozen. I set to inserting the lid/sticks, which was a little more difficult than I expected, as they didn’t really fit as tight as I thought they should, but they were going onto a flat surface in the freezer anyways, so no big deal. We popped them into the freezer, and I promised that we would try them after school the next day.pop-ice-molds-1

Right on cue, the girls were asking for their popsicles as soon as school got out, so I followed the directions on the package, ran them under warm (hot-ish) water for a few (maybe closer to ten) seconds, and was able to easily slide the popsicles out of their molds. They looked absolutely perfect…I could barely get the girls to wait a few seconds for me to get a photo of them before they started eating! 🙂 The little drip-proof tray isn’t perfect, but it absolutely helped to catch some drips, not only for the kids, but for me, too! pop-ice-molds-3

My 5-year old kept coming up to me, thrilled about the pieces of fruit in her popsicle, which is something that’s tough to find in popsicles at the grocery store, especially for the price that the fruit and little bit of a bottle of juice cost me. People say that eating healthy is more expensive, but not if you look at the big picture. Also, if we get sick of one ‘flavor’ that we create, we can easily create just about any type of popsicle we want! Next time, I want to try a recipe with pudding or yogurt in it…I can’t wait! I absolutely loved the popsicles that the girls and I made together just as much as they did!pop-ice-molds-4

I don’t know why I thought that these would ‘just clutter up my kitchen’ – I love them! You can get your own on Amazon here: Popsicle Molds Ice Pop Makers by CookArt Plastic Popsicle Tray Set Green
They come in 3 fun colors, and each set allows you to make 6 ice pops at a time.

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!



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