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My New Favorite Gadget!

AnyMote Home – Smart Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPad and Android

Hey, y’all! I haven’t blogged a bit since I started my new job almost three months ago, but to find a balance between work, family, and the things I love, I’m going to make an effort to connect with you MORE! So…today I have to tell you about a product that has pretty much removed standard remote controls from my life. This is HUGE!

I’ve had the Anymote for a few weeks now, and I’m absolutely in love with it! We have four kids and two adults in our house, so remote controls are the one thing we always seem to be searching for. The worst for me is searching for remotes in the bedroom. I can turn the TV on and off with the controls on the TV, but the Blu-Ray player has to have a remote for me to be able to get past the menu. That remote is never easy to find, partly because we don’t use it very often, and partly because things that go on my sweetheart’s nightstand have a tendency to get…lost.

Fast forward to about a week ago. My boyfriend’s son woke up at 5:30 am one beautiful Sunday morning…and neither of us was ready to get up yet. He was playing in his room like such a good boy, though. Not throwing a fit about being alone and not getting into stuff he shouldn’t be, either. So I brought him into the bedroom so he could sit in between us and watch some morning cartoons. Then I realized I didn’t know where the stupid Blu-Ray remote was. Normally, I would have two choices: wake my boyfriend up looking for remote, or find something else to do. But I was already laying in bed, and really didn’t want to get back up yet. Then I remembered the AnyMote! I grabbed my phone (which is always nearby, unlike the remote), opened the Anymote app, and was able to turn the TV on, then switch right over to the Blu-Ray player and turn on cartoons! I felt like the smartest mom in the entire universe!anymote_003

Sure, the Anymote took a bit of work to setup. I’m pretty good with technical stuff, so it was pretty easy for me, but it was also really intuitive, and the app helped me along the way. My boyfriend made fun of me at first because my phone already has a remote sensor..but what it doesn’t have it thousands of pre-built remotes to match a ton of devices. If I run into something that there isn’t a pre-made remote for, I can even create my own…but that takes a little bit more time and patience. I love that the app developers are always adding new devices so that my AnyMote can grow with my home’s technology, too!anymote_001

I thought that the app was.. ugly at first, but then I found skins for the remotes, so I can change the color scheme at will. There are so many features that I haven’t even taken the time to try out yet, but my favorite thing about my AnyMote is that I don’t have to spend time searching for the remote that came with the TV anymore. I’ve saved so much time by using my cell phone, instead, which is pretty much always with me! You can check it out here: AnyMote Home – Smart Universal Remote Control for iPhone, iPad and Android

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!


I received this smart universal remote for the purpose of my review, but my opinions are 100% my own and based on MY personal use. I was not told what to say, only asked to give an honest review based on my experience with the product. My blog posts may contain affiliate links to products I trust and recommend. I’ll never direct you towards a product that I don’t actually like, I promise!


Baby Wrap—Product Review

If you ever hold a baby for a long period of time, you quickly understand why baby wraps and carriers were invented!

Babies really love to be held, comforted, and kept close, but it’s a bit tough to accomplish even small tasks around the house while carrying around a baby! I love ergonomic baby wraps, because they help keep your child comfortable, while keeping you hands-free!

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Baby Bath Toy Scoop Rinse and Drain Organizer—Product Review – And Discount Code! :D

There is a little girl in my home that absolutely hates baths. The water alone sends her into a complete frenzy, and at first it seemed as though no bath toy would help save our sanity. I’m not a huge fan of a jillion bath toys lying in the tub, waiting for me to step on them in the morning while I’m half-awake, needing a refreshing shower…so I stuck to larger bath toys, like dolls and squirters, but she really wasn’t having any of it. Then—I saw this awesome toy organizer! Even better, I’ve been provided with a 50% discount code to share with you! Keep reading to get it! 😀

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Nasopure Little Squirt to go—Product Review

Merry Christmas Eve!
nasopure1I was excited to try this kit! My kids…weren’t as excited as I was…until after we were done and they could actually breathe through their noses! We are dealing with a bit of a nasty cold going through everyone in our house..just in time for the holidays… so I have gotten to use this on everyone but the 2-year old and the baby!

I know that the Nasopure Little Squirt system is made for kids as young as two, but we are sticking to the nose sucker for now, because she is completely unwilling to undergo such treatment. We can’t even wipe off her nose without two of us holding her down to avoid getting kicked in the face. I don’t dare ask her to hold her head still, hold her breath, then breathe out her nose while I clean it out. Uh Uh. NOT happening here.

My 3 year old and 7 year old were super skeptical, but thought that it was pretty fun when the water started coming out the other side of their nose. careful they don’t inhale…it’s not the most comfortable feeling—AT ALL!
I would recommend this to any mom or childcare provider that wants to try an alternative treatment before pumping countless medications into their kids’ system! It cleans pollen, bacteria, and dust from your little one’s nasal system before it gets past the nose!

You can buy you own on Amazon here, for only $17.27, which contains the nasopure bottles, and 20 saline packets!

I suggest visiting their website, too!

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently

Adovia Anti Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer Cream–Amazing Product Review!

I was recently given the opportunity to try another Adovia product! ❤ This time I got to try their Anti Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer Cream, which I absolutely love! Adovia’s products are so nice and high-quality. I got to try their sulfur soap awhile back, which I STILL LOVE. It’s my go-to in-the-shower face soap. Their products come in such beautiful boxes, and the jar that this cream came in didn’t disappoint at all! I’m happy to have this on my bathroom counter….I LOVE shiny things!
Here’s what their Amazon listing has to say about the product:
Infused Your Skin with Vitamin C, Dead Sea Salt & Minerals, Lactic Acid and Collagen for Maximum Long Term Anti Wrinkle Effect
Anti Wrinkle Facial Cream Smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time
Not a phony “Miracle” Anti Aging Cream – an Ingredient Based Long Term Approach to Younger Looking Skin
Seaweed and Premier Aloe Vera feed skin needed nutrients for maintaining naturally youthful skin
Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Increase the firmness and overall vitality of your skin.

This is one of those amazing creams that works right away to hydrate the skin, while also providing long-term benefits, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. I LOVE the way this feels AND smells! It’s got a very ‘soft’ scent to it that makes me feel really good. I don’t know how else to explain it.

My daughter has really dry skin, and her feet get rough and itchy about this time of year. she was complaining a few days ago, so I looked around, reached for this cream, and applied a bit to her feet to help hydrate them. Of course she enjoyed the foot massage, but she said it also felt really nice on her feet. After doing that after bath time for a few days, the skin on her feet looked a lot more healthy. I’m CONSTANTLY looking for ways to use my favorite products beyond the intended use, and I have a very strong feeling I’ll be reaching for this very often this winter!

I rate this 10/10. It looks great, smells wonderful, and feels absolutely amazing! Click HERE to buy it on Amazon, It’s currently on sale for only $24.37.

As always, stay beautiful and think divergently!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Yumi Beautiful Rosehip Oil

I was recently given the opportunity to try Rosehip Oil from Yumi Beautiful! Yay! I can’t get enough of this stuff. It has so many amazing benefits!

I’m a packaging nerd, so that’s what I want to talk about first. This comes in the prettiest lil box. It’s very well-designed and eye-catching. The bottle is really pretty, too. The label matches the box beautifully as well. I love well-designed packaging, because it shows me that the company takes pride in their products.

I did some research on Rosehip Oil to learn about its benefits, and here’s what I found on the wiki page:
It is commonly used in skin care products. It is commonly used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles. Rose hip oil is also frequently used to heal scarring and diminish photo-aging.
It quickly absorbs into the skin replenishing moisture and creates a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent dehydration.

I expected rose hip oil to smell like…well, roses. But it doesn’t. While it has a scent to it, it’s not a bad scent, and doesn’t overpower my perfume or change the way it smells. It also absorbs into my skin quickly without leaving it greasy. I hate having to stand around half-naked waiting for lotions or serums to dry!


What Makes Yümi RoseHip Serum So Special?

Organic, cold-pressed rose hip oil is a natural source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Trans-Retinoic Acid (a type of vitamin A that retinol converts to).
What you’ll love about Rose Hip Oil is how beautifully and easily it absorbs into your skin to help keep your skin hydrated and elastic, minimizing the appearance of flaws.
* Bring vitality to dehydrated, sensitive and mature skin.
* Reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and fine lines over time.
* Perfect for environmental stressors that can lead to wrinkles.
* Awesome as a spot treatment for discoloration.

I’ve been using this rose hip oil in two ways:

First, I put it on my 3-year old daughter’s fingers…she bites her nails constantly, right down to the quick, which makes her fingers sore a lot of the time, and you can see red spots and irritation from her biting them down so far. I read on another blog (I wish i could remember whose) that she was using it for this, and it makes perfect sense!

Rosehip oil is an amazing skin conditioner, which has allowed the skin around her fingernails to heal more quickly. Rosehip oil also has a interesting, strong smell to it (i think it smells ‘woody’), which deters her from sticking her fingers in the mouth in the first place. I’ve been using this a couple of times a day, and her fingers really do look just a bit healthier, and she’s actually complaining about them less! WIN!

Second, I’ve been adding it to my shea butter recipes to help lock moisture into the skin without any added greasiness.

I love this Rosehip Oil because it’s cold-pressed, which helps it retain more of its healing qualities than other methods of production. I would recommend this to anyone with any of the above skin conditions.

If you want to, you can but it on HERE on Amazon. It’s on sale right now for only $12.99! Fight the winter skin blues before they start!

As always, stay beautiful & think divergently!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Vino Aria Wine Aerator and Pourer—product review!

This. Is. Amazing! First…I should admit that I’ve been drinking a bit more wine than usual. I blame the Vino Aria Wine Aerator! I like wine because of the mellow feeling that it provides, but I’ve never really loved the flavor of red wine. It’s just a bit too bitter for my tastebuds. A wine aerator solves that problem, but many of them leak or are difficult to use. Vino Aria gave me their wine aerator to try for free, and I absolutely love it!

First, the packaging that it came in was lovely. This would be a GREAT gift to give someone. It’s got the company name engraved on the metal band between the pourer and the pretty petal-shaped spout, and a tapered neck that fits perfectly into every bottle that I’ve tried. It fits so well that I’ve managed to not make any messes while using this, which is a miracle because a: I’m a klutz and b: I was semi-intoxicated. 😀

I did a side-by-side comparison of wine poured directly from the bottle and wine poured from the bottle through the aerator. The wine poured through the aerator smelled sweeter and less ‘alcoholic’ to me, and sure enough, had a more subtle, sweet taste to it. I could actually taste the flavors of the wine. (This is why connoisseurs ‘swirl’ wine in the give it some air.)

I rate this 10/10 for myself, or as a gift for someone who likes wine! If you’d like to buy it, go HERE

For a limited time only, the price is discounted, so to get it for only $19.77, act now!

Here’s what the company has to say about their product:

Consumer Top Choice, LLC, is celebrating the launch of a red wine aerator by offering an introductory discount. Vino Aria Aerator, designed by Consumer Top Choice LLC, features a unique design that fits wine bottles and provides exceptional scent and enhanced flavor to each glass of red wine. The aerator features a petal design, complete with laser engraved logo and silver ring, to create a sophisticated look perfect for daily use or special occasions. Each Vino Aria Aerator is comprised of an acrylic spout and rubberized core, which offers strength and quick-drying capabilities for long-lasting use.

Vino Aria Aerator helps cut down on bitter notes or puckering often associated with red wines. Unlike other wine aerator designs, Vino Aria fits snugly into the mouth of any wine bottle for effortless use and provides an ample amount of oxygen into each pour to aerate and boost flavor. The perfect fit reduces the risk of leaks or drips – two common complaints associated with alternative aerators. Through the aeration process, wine is exposed to oxygen to trigger a level of oxidation and evaporation – select compounds within red wine are oxidized and evaporated with aeration, leaving bitter notes behind and leading to a more fragrant and flavorful glass of wine.

Some of the common methods of aeration include allowing wine to breathe in the bottle or swirling it around in a glass – both of which require a wait time or possible spillage. The Vino Aria Aerator and pourer allows wine drinkers to enjoy the maximum flavor without the use of additional equipment, wait time or awkward hand movements. Wine connoisseurs everywhere will appreciate the simple process – the gift wine aerator is necessary in any wine bar. Additionally, each Vino Aria Aerator is protected under a lifetime guarantee to ensure quality and exceptional customer service.

Thanks for reading! I have GIVEAWAYS coming soon soon soon!
Stay Beautiful & Think Divergently!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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